July 3, 2024

ValidMind Community Update

ValidMind Community Update Featured Image

Our ValidMind Community team met up in beautiful downtown Victoria on Vancouver Island this past week for our second annual workshop. Things are happening! We talked about our training program plans, next steps for community activities, and held a fun team activity where we hacked on a new 404 page for our docs site in the late afternoon.

A new training program

We want our training program to be the kind of training we’d want to take ourselves. From the ideal to-be, to plotting the different user journeys that people can take into our training, to next steps to making “ValidMind Academy” a reality, we covered it all.

Curious about what our training might look like? Our first training modules for model developers, validators, and admins are already live — they combine instructional content with our live ValidMind platform — it’s experiential learning (’learning by doing’) taken to the next level. Try it yourself: Welcome to ValidMind Academy.

Open-source software

Next steps for community activites: We think there’s value both in enabling and supporting ValidMind users but also in fostering a community for AI risk and model risk management more generally. On one end of that spectrum, there’s our open-source software (OSS) which came out of our community workshop last year. If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard about our OSS before, this is why — now that our GitHub repository with developer tools is public, we’re laying out next steps to make sure model developers have the best first experience possible.

Interested in engaging with our community or open-source software? Reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

Getting lost … in style

When it comes to our 404 page, it turns out that less is more. If you’ve ever run into our current 404 page, you’ll know that we don’t actually have one. So why not fix this while having some fun coding up a new one? We took an existing Zoom background one of our team members had created and embedded that into an initial page. You can find https://github.com/validmind/documentation/pull/231 in our open-source documentation repo.

Why the Matrix-style backdrop on the page? Ask us the next time you see us at a conference or event — there’s a backstory about one of our founding engineers at ValidMind.

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