September 2, 2023

Exclusive Invite: Roundtable Discussion on Risks and Validation of LLMs in London

Exclusive Invite: Roundtable Discussion on Risks and Validation of LLMs in London Featured Image

Due to the overwhelming response and the success of our first gathering, we cordially invite you, or a qualified representative from your organization, to another high-impact roundtable discussion in the iconic financial hub of London, United Kingdom.

To express your keen interest in joining this exclusive event, please send an email to:

Our first roundtable brought together a select group of 8-10 executives who are actively shaping the AI governance landscape in prominent financial institutions. It was an off-the-record and exclusive gathering that fostered open and insightful conversations on the critical subject of validating Large Language Models (LLMs) in the financial services domain.

Given the remarkable response to our previous event, we anticipate an even more vibrant and influential discussion this time – still off the record. As the event’s capacity remains limited, we encourage you to act swiftly to secure your seat at the table. The event will take place on September 13th in London, United Kingdom. Once your participation is confirmed, we will disclose the event’s details, including time and venue, highlighting the exclusivity of this occasion.

Refreshments will be provided during the discussion, and we are excited to announce that a post-roundtable dinner will be organized for those able to stay and further network with industry leaders.

This is a golden opportunity to actively shape the future of AI risk management and governance in the financial sector. Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers! Express your interest today and be a part of these transformative conversations that drive innovation and progress in our industry!

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