Senior Product Designer

Location: Remote
Salary: $75,000 USD to $175,000 USD base salary, depending on experience, location and other qualifying factors (paid in local currency)

The position

A Senior Product Designer at ValidMind should be an expert individual contributor, given a significant amount of autonomy and trust to work on the most impactful design aspects of our platform. This role will lead the design process for a set of features from conception to implementation, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for end users.

Product design stands out as one of ValidMind’s key differentiators in the market, with user-centered design thinking at the forefront of our approach. Product designers collaborate closely with product managers, engineers, and other stakeholders to define design goals, conduct user research, and create wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes. They are tasked with translating user needs, business requirements, and technological constraints into intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces and experiences, leveraging our design system.

This is a fully remote opportunity with ValidMind, and relocation will not be required.

While we are primarily seeking candidates in the PST to EST timezones, we understand the value of diversity and the strength that different perspectives bring to our team. As such, we are open to considering talented applicants from other time zones who are willing to accommodate some overlap with our core working hours (e.g., from 9 AM to 5 PM PST). We strive for flexibility and aim to support remote work arrangements that foster a balanced and inclusive environment.


  • 6-8+ years of professional design work experience.
  • Systems thinking: This role requires a designer who can think systematically when it comes to information architecture as well as existing and emerging UI patterns.
  • Ability to prioritize progress over correctness, and avoiding dwelling on the minute design details.
  • Curiosity: In a fast-paced environment like AI and LLMs, our designers remain curious and comfortable learning about existing and upcoming new capabilities to identify opportunities.
  • Experience creating and maintaining design systems, with the ability to explain rationales behind decisions clearly and concisely
  • A portfolio showcasing a clear understanding of simplicity, typography, interaction design, and UI design, displaying a deep understanding of the product design process.
  • Experience designing projects that apply UX principles, user research methods, and a user-centric approach to product design.
  • Experience shipping products/features end-to-end and presenting your work to a variety of audiences.
  • Experience as a Product Designer working with Engineers, Product Managers, and other Designers.


  • Provide regular design feedback and direction to your coworkers.
  • Seek out opportunities for connecting with people and teams working on related projects.
  • Build meaningful relationships across the product, engineering, and other cross-functional partners you’re working with.
  • Communicate your design ideas with conviction within the UX team and non-creative stakeholders
  • Effectively translate user needs and business goals into design solutions.
  • User Research: Conduct and oversee user research, including user interviews, surveys, and usability testing to inform design decisions.
  • Use, evolve and maintain a design system for the design team to use throughout the product features. 

Bonus skills

  • Front-end Development: Proficiency in any of the following HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React is advantageous. 
  • Data Analysis: Ability to interpret user data and glean insights from analytics tools. 
  • Motion design as it applies to UI and UX
  • Illustration
  • Experience in leveraging AI tools like Midjourney, Dall-e, and ChatGPT to enhance and expedite the design process and/or generate assets.
  • Experience designing for B2B SaaS products or for highly technical digital products.

What does ValidMind offer?

  • A total compensation package, including base salary, equity incentive, paid time off, and benefits
  • An inclusive, remote-first work culture with regular get-togethers around the world
  • Work-life balance with a flexible work schedule
  • Great career development prospects

At ValidMind, we create the most efficient solution for organizations to automate testing, documentation, and risk management for AI and statistical models. Working here means being at the forefront of AI risk management, but it’s also more personal than that: we promote an inclusive culture where we value your ideas and creativity. We want you to have a sense of ownership over your work, to build mutual trust with your peers, and to feel supported in everything you do. As a VC-backed company in the early stages of growth, there is ample room to grow.


Join us at ValidMind and be part of shaping the future of AI/ML trust. Apply now!

Posted on January 15, 2024